eiffel’s English Site Has Launched!

Is there anything better than receiving a postcard or a letter in the mail? Knowing that someone took the time to find stationery to match your personality, thoughtfully written a message and pop over to the post office to send you a letter gives me the warm fuzzies.

Nowadays we are inundated with electronic forms of communication and it seems we are finding it harder than ever to stay in contact with loved ones. Introducing, eiffel card for sisters. Eiffel is the brainchild of two young Japanese millennials who desired to bring people together. Wanting to bring the good vibes back through the lost art of letter writing, they created eiffel card for sisters in Japan.

Previously, eiffel was only available in Japanese but we’ve got great news for all you English speakers because eiffel’s English site has launched!

On Monday the 1st of May, eiffel launched in English. Eiffel’s all in one service allows you to choose from over 1,500 designs, write a message in a customized font and mail a thoughtful card or letter to other eiffel friends in a fuss-free way! Just register your details at the beginning and all your personal information is encrypted, protecting your privacy. Eiffel’s state of the art system is in fact, so innovative and efficient that we filed for a patent in November 2016. You can send cards and letters to anyone who is registered with eiffel. You can even set up birthday and anniversary reminders to make it easier! Eiffel also runs promotions with special companies on special occasions so you can customize your cards with gifts!

Keep an eye on the blog for news and promotions! We’ve got some exciting stuff coming up for you guys! But first, register on eiffel here! Don’t forget to add your faves!