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eiffel loves dads so much we’re celebrating all the father figures in our lives with a special promotion! Like our Mother’s Day promotion, you can send something special to your dad, grandpa or any other paternal inspiration in your life. Love the idea? We guarantee dad will love it too!

Father’s Day has a long and rich history and goes as far back as the middle ages, where a large part of Europe would celebrate St Joseph’s Day which falls on March 19th. Originally, this day has deep roots in catholicism. Southern Europeans like the Spanish and Portuguese then brought this tradition to America. Fast forward to the turn of the 20th century and modern day America began celebrating Father’s Day on June 19 sans any religious bearing.

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Son pointing to the distance on father’s shoulders

So now that you have a brief history of Father’s Day, it’s time to think about how to celebrate it! What do you usually do for Father’s Day? Do you have any family traditions?

My dad has always been particular about things, he like classical and jazz music, cooking, gardening, and reading. He never held much value in material posessions, but rather meaningful keepsakes, so if i was ever to buy him something it would be something he needed, like a wallet, or a polo/button down shirt in subdued blues, or some shade of beige. He always appreciates heartfelt gestures more so rather than things, so I’d always make the effort to cook him dinner, bake him a vegan treat and craft him a scrapbook or a card. Since I moved overseas though, it’s been harder to do those things, made harder by the fact that Father’s Day in Japan is in June, but in September in Australia.

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Distance is no issue when sending love because thanks to technology, we are more interconnected than ever before. Even for someone like my dad, who does not use social media and isn’t likely to change, there’s always a way to send a personalized message. That’s why I use eiffel card. All I need to do is find a design (there are so many to choose from so this takes a while!), write a message, choose an envelope and click send. It’s easy as that and my dad still gets a handmade Father’s Day card from his twenty something daughter who lives overseas.

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If you want to add a special touch to your Father’s Day gift this then send an eiffel card! You can send a card in 6 easy steps! 5 if you’ve already registered:

  1. Register with eiffel
  2. Choose a design
  3. Choose a recipient (your dad)
  4. Craft a message
  5. Choose an envelope (optional, but my dad loves the washi)
  6. Click send
eiffel loves dads designs

Just some of the designs (I love the pasta one)

Another good thing about eiffel card is I get little updates on how my card is going, from when I buy it, all the way throughout the crafting process, again when it is sent off and finally when it has arrived! Being the control freak that I am, you can see how this appeases me!

I’d love to hear all about your Father’s Day traditions and see which eiffel card you send your dad! Tag us on facebook at @eiffelwinc, and on instagram @eiffel_jp and @eiffel_world. Use the hashtag #eiffelcard!