About forsisters, Inc.

Corporate name forsisters, Inc.
Founded March 30th, 2016
Capital 18,000,000yen
Representatives CEO Yuuki Noda/野田祐機
COO Takuya Kawamura/ 河村拓哉
Executive Officer Business development Masa Kawamukai/ 川向正明
Contact TEL: 03-6659-3529
    (1)Greeting card service. Running eiffel’s online services
    (2)Sales, production, import, and postal services
    (3)Sales, production, import and gift services
    (4)Marketing and advertising
    (5)All matters relating to the preceding articles.
Main bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ/三菱東京UFJ銀行, Credit Union of Seibu/西武信用金庫 渋谷東支店