eiffel’s First Birthday!

eiffel's first birthday 1

The 30th of May was a big day at eiffel headquarters! This was because we had a double birthday! Not only was it Yuki’s birthday, but the 30th of May was also eiffel’s first birthday! In celebration of this glorious day, the eiffel crew, friends and family all got together for a night of fun-fueled mayhem!

eiffel's first birthday 1

We got together at Hub, you know the one? It’s kind of inspired by a British pub? For a Tuesday night, it was pretty busy and it felt like everyone was celebrating eiffel’s first birthday with us! The wonderful thing was how eiffel’s first birthday brought everyone together. Some were old friends, some were acquaintances and at the beginning of the night, some were strangers, but within the shortest time, everyone had mingled, chatted, and laughed together. It just goes to show that even in this day and age the most random of encounters can grow into a meaningful, important relationship. It just needs to be nurtured and cared for. This concept is in fact how eiffel card came to be in existence.

eiffel's first birthday 2

The whole concept for eiffel card was inspired by Yuki’s friend, Lisa. Now, before Yuki’s and eiffel’s first birthday party, I had never met Lisa. She didn’t exist in my world, but from the minute she flitted into the room you could just feel good vibes emanating from her. To call her “the life of the party” would be an understatement. Her inherent nature is to get to know everyone and she makes sure everyone is having a good time. She’s the friend that will go the extra mile to see you, to talk to you, not only to make sure you’re ok but to make sure you’re happy. That’s how eiffel card came to be. Making the effort to communicate with your loved ones through thick and thin, going the extra mile to forge meaningful connections, and knowing that friendship and love will overcome any barrier is everything that eiffel card represents. Geographical distance, time zones, addresses – none of these factors should hinder the ability to “send something special“, and with eiffel – they don’t!

Wish you were all there to celebrate eiffel’s first birthday but we can only live in the moment. eiffel is still young, so sign up today, and let’s be friends!