Xmas at eiffel

As eiffel has only just launched in English, I thought you guys would like to be caught up on eiffel’s exploits! Xmas at eiffel was celebrated in December last year so let’s have a look at all the fun!

eiffel had most recently just launched as a service so this event served as both a launch party and a Holiday do! One of our lovely friends Tomoya Nakamura, kindly let us use his salon space for the xmas at eiffel party. By day, this is a trendy hair salon in the heart of Ebisu but that night, it was the space we let our artistic expression and creativity loose on the world!

All of our closest family, friends and loved ones were there to celebrate our new venture. The ambience at Maison de Noche was classy, sophisticated with a touch of quirky cool, which summed up eiffel card in a nutshell. You’ve no doubt seen from the eiffel Goes Rainbow post that our founders Yuki and Takuya are kitschy and unique! Well the whole eiffel crew is like that! We’re a squad of fancy-free, fun-loving unicorns!

The catering was fab with lots of delicious appetisers and the celebratory drinks kept flowing all night. The culinary star the xmas at eiffel party had to be the boxes of Bad Brownies that we had specially sent over from the UK! These decadent bites of heaven were positively sinful but so worth it! I think if no one was looking, I would have eaten the whole lot by myself.

eiffel is such a new, innovative concept so Yuki and Takuya did an amazing presentation to explain eiffel card’s service. Not just the technicality and how our service works but the story behind our brand and how eiffel got started! These two have been friends since September 11 2010 and their close friendship was evident in the charismatic delivery and perfect give and take.

The xmas at eiffel party also introduced our collaboration with Amnesty International Japan! Here at eiffel card forsisters we always want to give back and making the world a better place is why we decided to get started in the first place. You can check out our range of special Amnesty International Japan charity cards here!

All in all the xmas at eiffel party was a raging success and not only did we meet many cool cats, but we had fun and got the word out about eiffel card. Wish you were there and I hope these photos make you feel like you were.